Anupam Tiwari

I am a blockchain and IT security aficionado so to say..deeply interested in anything related on blockchain and IT security, be it a conference or a discussion or testing a tool or writing a related article or reading some thing new in the domain. I firmly believe and support the huge power of open-source software's and OS.Recently in last few years been exploring the awesome domain of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency bitcoin.

My other interests include driving long on highways and mountains for days if given a chance.Delhi-Leh done twice on my bike and would love to do a third time.Testing/Experimenting with hack tools,reading articles, research papers/whites , sharing and discussing IT security can keep me busy for days together without any requirements of breaks.If ever I come across a beginner looking for guidance about how to go about courses/Career in IT security ,I always stand as a volunteer to assist within my capabilities though.I always feel lucky to be a witness to an info age era that started right from 8086 to the present gen processors,being a witness to people using type writers to the present days tabs has been a great journey and still so much to look forward too...and I always believe that GOD IS KIND in my case to allow me pursue my passions in life. It is always enriching to learn something new,something that relates to your passion but it will be more satisfying and much greater in effect if you can share it along to people who have similar interests.If someone has knowledge,I sincerely believe it should not be primarily meant to mint money but should be exploited to for the better of the overall community by sharing openly.Knowledge and Information are both key to power and secreting or hoarding this knowledge or information may be an act of tyranny camouflaged as humility.


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