Null offensive hacking hands-on training.

Proposed sessions for this event:

  • Defence Evasion techniques by Adhokshaj Mishra
Note: The session details including schedule are available below.

Hands-on defence Evasion session by Adhokshaj Mishra

This Session would focus on the following:
1. Detection mechanisms available in Linux
2. Common ways of implementing detections
3. Evasion techniques against detection mechanisms
4. Fixing the detecting mechanisms to plug the holes

Date Saturday October 28 2023
Chapter Mumbai
Registrations 90
Max Registrations 100
Event Type Invite Only
Start Time 10:30 AM
End Time 02:30 PM

Session Schedule

Name Speaker Start Time End Time Resources
Defence Evasion techniques Adhokshaj Mishra 10:30 AM 02:30 PM


This is an invite only event. If you are selected you will receive further information via e-mail.