Null offensive hacking hands-on training.

Proposed sessions for this event:

  • API Testing Basics by Dishant Kapadiya
  • Testing Spring Boot/Swagger APIs by Kuldeep Pandya
  • Testing WSDL APIs by Parth
  • Testing SOAP APIs by Dishant Kapadiya
  • Testing gRPC APIs by Kuldeep Pandya
  • Testing GraphQL APIs by Parth
Note: The session details including schedule are available below.

Join us for an intensive workshop focused on API security across various technologies. From REST APIs to GraphQL, this hands-on event will equip you with the tools and techniques to identify, test, and mitigate API vulnerabilities.

Topics Covered:

  • API Testing Basics

    • Basics of Postman
    • Configuring Postman for API testing
    • Blackbox penetration testing and API reversing
  • Spring Boot/Swagger

    • Testing Swagger APIs
    • Identifying vulnerabilities in Swagger UI
    • Spring Boot actuator endpoints detection and bypassing WAFs
    • Spring Security module
  • WSDL

    • Understanding WSDL structure and schema
    • Enumerating WSDL metadata
    • Testing WSDL using Postman
  • SOAP

    • Exploring SOAP structure and schema
    • Testing SOAP APIs using Postman
    • WS-Security and SAML Tokens
  • gRPC

    • Basics of gRPC and related tools like Charles Proxy and grpcurl
    • Identifying vulnerabilities in gRPC APIs
  • GraphQL

    • Understanding GraphQL basics
    • Testing GraphQL APIs

Gain practical insights through real-world case studies and hands-on labs. Don't miss this opportunity to level up your API security skills!

Date Saturday September 30 2023
Chapter Ahmedabad
Registrations 223
Max Registrations Unlimited
Event Type Invite Only
Start Time 09:45 AM
End Time 06:00 PM

Session Schedule

Name Speaker Start Time End Time Resources
Introduction To null 09:45 AM 10:00 AM
API Testing Basics Dishant Kapadiya 10:00 AM 11:00 AM
Feeding Caffeine Addiction 11:00 AM 11:15 AM
Testing Spring Boot/Swagger APIs Kuldeep Pandya 11:15 AM 12:15 PM
Testing WSDL APIs Parth 12:15 PM 01:15 PM
Lunch Break 01:15 PM 02:15 PM
Testing SOAP APIs Dishant Kapadiya 02:15 PM 03:15 PM
Testing gRPC APIs Kuldeep Pandya 03:15 PM 04:15 PM
Feeding Caffeine Addiction 04:15 PM 04:30 PM
Testing GraphQL APIs Parth 04:30 PM 05:30 PM
Closing Notes and Networking 05:30 PM 06:00 PM


This is an invite only event. If you are selected you will receive further information via e-mail.