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I will take hands-on- session on finding OWASP vulnerabilities and Bugs in Bug Bounty Hunting with live demo.

We will go through the following stages:
1. Configuration of Burp Suite
2. Information Gathering
3. OWASP Vulnerabilities:
i. Injection:
a. HTML Injection
b. File Injection
c. SQL Injection
d. Command Injection
ii. Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
iii. CSRF & SSRF
iv. HTTP Parameter Pollution
v. Source Code Disclosure
vi. Missing Functional Level Access Control
a. Directory Traversal – Directories & Files
b. Host Header Attack
c. Remote & Local File Inclusion (RFI/LFI)
d. XML External Entity Attacks (XXE)
vii. URL Redirection
4. Report Generation

- Laptop with Burp Suite tool & Firefox browser
Burp Suite can be downloaded by following link:

Speaker : Himanshu Gupta (

Date Saturday May 26 2018
Chapter Pune
Registrations 104
Max Registrations Unlimited
Event Type Invite Only
Start Time 10:00 AM
End Time 01:00 PM

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