General hands-on event.

Proposed sessions for this event:

  • Python School of Security - Class 4 by Abhinav Chourasia
  • Python School of Security - Class 4 by Bharath
Note: The session details including schedule are available below.

Python school of security - Class 4

Python for System administration

This is the 4th workshop of a 6 part series on Python programming for security professionals. A detailed roadmap of the series can be found here: Python school of security - roadmap

Registrations will close on March 24th 2:00 PM

Only the registered participants will be sent a confirmation email with the venue details. This email will be sent by Friday March 25th 8:00 PM.

Please read the following instructions carefully. This will enable us to have a smooth, hassle free session.

Overview & Objective:

  • In this workshop, we will use Python programming language for automating and simplifying system administration tasks.
  • We'll explore various standard and third-party libraries that help us automate/simplify system admin tasks.

We'll work on using Python to accomplish tasks like:

  • Managing file systems and processes.
  • SSH automation.
  • File monitoring.
  • Using SSH for application deployment or systems administration tasks.

What you should know before attending the workshop?

  1. Basic understanding of Python language and syntax.
  2. Basic knowledge of Linux command line utilities (ls, cd, grep, chmod etc.).
  3. Basic understanding of networking and tools like SSH.

Selection Criteria

1. Please note: People who have attended previous session/s of the Python School of Security series would be given a preference for selection this time.
2. For all others the selections would be based on a first come first serve basis

What you should bring to the workshop?

  • Laptop with administrator access (mandatory).
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM and 5 GB free hard disk space.(More the better)
  • Preferably running Linux as primary OS but Windows/Mac is permissible.
  • Oracle VirtualBox 5.x or later installed. (VMWare users are on their own)
  • An SSH client on the host OS. (Most Linux distributions have SSH client by default, Windows user can use putty)
  • Preferably, bring your own Internet connectivity (for additional reading, without which you may have hard time solving challenges).
Date Saturday March 25 2017
Chapter Bangalore
Registrations 43
Max Registrations Unlimited
Event Type Invite Only
Start Time 09:30 AM
End Time 06:00 PM

Session Schedule

Name Speaker Start Time End Time Resources
Python School of Security - Class 4 Abhinav Chourasia 09:30 AM 06:00 PM
Python School of Security - Class 4 Bharath 09:30 AM 06:00 PM


This is an invite only event. If you are selected you will receive further information via e-mail.