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1: Surveillance and Counter-surveillance - by Gurjant Singh, Security Researcher @ HackerDesk

Surveillance has become a part of our life, in the name of fighting terrorism and crime. This topic has often been in the news recently, for wrong reasons more than right. As its use and abuse becomes rampant, it is important for normal people to understand the nature of the surveillance and take reasonable steps to protect their privacy while still cooperating with counter-terrorism efforts. For security pros, understanding the nature of the game is even more important as adversaries adopt these surveillance techniques to stalk us; and counter-surveillance techniques to evade detection.

2: Common Social Media attacks and Defences - by Jaspreet Singh, CoFounder & Director @ i-3indya Group

Whether it is simple messaging using email or other social interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc. Because there are many kinds of email & social media attacks (Cookie grabbing, session hijacking, URL based attacks, Phishing, Mail Spoofing, Tab nabbing, Social engineering, malicious attachments, Spam, etc.) these days, it is important to know and defend yourself well. Simple steps like two step verification, Login-notification, strong passwords, not clicking on untrusted links, ads & popups, etc.) can go a long way in defending. This is the session where you can explore these topics and ask questions that may sound simple but could save you from a breach.

3: Playing with Malware: An introduction - by Lovjot Singh Chhabra, Founder & Director @ Cyber Defense and Intelligence (CDI)

In this talk, Lovjot will talk about Static as well as Dynamic Analysis of Malware - a very in-demand (and high-risk) skill in the InfoSec industry. Code analysis / Behaviour Analysis will form a part of this talk.

Date Saturday September 20 2014
Chapter Chandigarh
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Max Registrations Unlimited
Event Type Open to Everybody
Start Time 10:00 AM
End Time 01:00 PM

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Hartron Bhawan, Bays 73-76, Sector 2, Panchkula