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Date Topic Speaker Resources
2023-12-09 Meet Kolkata Beyond Boundaries: The Power of Zero Trust Networking Mohammed Danish Amber
2023-12-09 Meet Delhi NCR Part 2 - Explained: AI, LLMs and Associated Security Risks Sandeep Singh
2023-12-09 Meet Delhi NCR OWASP Top 10 Series | A10:2021 – Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF) Jalaj
2023-12-09 Meet Kolkata Digital Personal Data Protection Act S Ramakrishnan
2023-12-09 Meet Kolkata The Mysterious Paradigm of Fuzzing Rakesh Seal
2023-11-26 Meet Hyderabad Preparation to the next meet Ravindra Penumarthi
2023-11-26 Meet Hyderabad In my Opinion: Growing and Succeeding in Cyber Security Career Pavan Mohan (pavanw3b)
2023-11-26 Meet Hyderabad Unveiling Secrets: A Journey into Steganography CTF Challenges – Decode, Discover, Dominate Neeraj Singh
2023-11-26 Meet Hyderabad OWASP ML Top 10 M S Nishanth
2023-11-26 Meet Hyderabad Security News Bytes Sohan Daliyet
2023-11-26 Meet Hyderabad Introduction to Null Hyderabad Pavan Mohan (pavanw3b)
2023-11-25 Meet Dubai Dark Web Intelligence Angel Vladev
2023-11-25 Meet Dubai Malware Development and Initial Access Techniques in .net Suraj Khetani
2023-11-25 Meet Dubai Antivirus Evasion using windows API unhooking bilal
2023-11-25 Meet Dubai The Purple approach to Red and Blue teams Samrat Das
2023-11-25 Meet Dubai Introductions TAS
2023-11-25 Meet Bangalore Automation testing for complex API scenarios using ATOR Manikandan
2023-11-25 Meet Bangalore Navigating the Dark Web: Insights, Risks and Strategic Use Mudit Bansal
2023-11-25 Meet Ahmedabad Unrevealing secrets of AT Commands Keta Desai
2023-11-25 Meet Bangalore Snapshot fuzzing with WTF(what the fuzz) Micky Thongam
2023-11-25 Meet Ahmedabad Introduction to IoT Hacking Vanshika Vyas
2023-11-25 Meet Bangalore Dissecting Stealer Malware Pavan Karthick M
2023-11-25 Meet Ahmedabad Achieving Zero Trust Security With Conditional Access Policies abhilasha R
2023-11-25 Meet Ahmedabad News Bytes harshleen chawla
2023-11-25 Meet Bangalore Reconnaissance Techniques: Gathering Info About The Target Nimish Dudhe
2023-11-18 Meet Chennai Analysing SOC Tools - SPLUNK Jaggajit Vasishta R
2023-11-18 Pre-null-meet Vijayawada CTF 101: Your Entry Point to the World of Cyber Challenges Sai Sanjay
2023-11-18 Pre-null-meet Vijayawada Introduction to null Vijayawada City Chapter Sibi Chakkaravarthy Sethuraman
2023-11-18 Meet Chennai Threat Analysis - TTP K Madhura Nadh
2023-11-18 Meet Chennai WIFI Pentesting using iOT device AKASH R
2023-11-18 Workshop Bangalore Insecure Hardware communication protocols Mr-IoT
2023-11-04 Meet Delhi NCR Part 2 - Explained: AI, LLMs and Associated Security Risks Sandeep Singh
2023-11-04 Meet Delhi NCR Security Automation 101 Shubham Gupta
2023-11-04 Meet Delhi NCR AWS WAF Security and Remediation Manish Jain
2023-11-04 Meet Delhi NCR OWASP Top 10 Series | A09:2021 – Security Logging and Monitoring Failures Jalaj
2023-11-04 Workshop Bangalore Introduction to Hardware Security Mr-IoT
2023-10-30 Workshop Ganpat University Student Scope of Ethical Hacking & CYber Security Falgun Rathod
2023-10-28 Meet Chennai Cloud Security 101 Chandresh Gupta
2023-10-28 Meet Chennai You can be a Human Decompiler Ravi Rajput
2023-10-28 Meet Chennai AI and ML in CyberSecurity PradeepKumar P
2023-10-28 Meet Chennai Hacking Companies on Mails - Deep Dive into Email Security Sriram
2023-10-28 Meet Ahmedabad Bug Bounty CTF Kuldeep Pandya
2023-10-28 Meet Hyderabad Intricacies of Mobile Security: Unveiling Dynamic Binary Instrumentation Santosh Gulivindala
2023-10-28 Meet Ahmedabad Lockpicking 101 Namrata Brahmkshatriya
2023-10-28 Meet Hyderabad Email Security and Investigation Abhash Choudhary
2023-10-28 Meet Ahmedabad HIDnSeek: The Art of HID Hacking Mukund bhuva
2023-10-28 Humla Mumbai Defence Evasion techniques Adhokshaj Mishra
2023-10-28 Meet Hyderabad Security News Bytes Gireesha
2023-10-28 Meet Ahmedabad Secure by Design: A Dive into Application Security Engineering Akshar
2023-10-28 Public Puliya Ahmedabad A Primer On Web Application Security _RaviRamesh