hillhacks: security&protection

About this session:

This session on the monthly Null Chapter meeting will be about
presenting and preparing the hillhacks track on security&protection:

Infrastructure needs to be protected, there is a huge need of
decentralized services distributed among the whole network. That means
hands-on workshops would focus on the knowledge sharing and development
within security experts, what kind of precautions and configurations can
be used to protect a private but open infrastructure that is provided in
a decentralized manner.

There is a large community of activists in Dharamsala. Activists are
traditionally a target for hacking, unsolicited monitoring, or
communications sabotage. Recent revelations on breaches of privacy and
security in technology have shown, that nowadays everyone is affected.
In India programes like the Central Monitoring System (CMS) or National
Intelligence Grid (NATGRID) just recently started. Focusing on the
special needs of activists but also on a normal daily life online,
hands-on workshops will show how to secure devices and communications,
and how to change behavior online if necessary.

Possible topics and starting points are:

  • Backend and server side
  • User-side and how-to-protect
  • Theory and development
  • Forensics
  • Decentralisation of Infrastructure
  • #youbroketheinternet - lets make a gnu one
  • How to implement safety and protection on lower OSI-layers to avoid Layer 8 problems?
  • Reverse engeneering
  • Crypto "after snowden"
  • Bug bounties
  • (Digital) (crypto) currencies (bitcoin, zerocoin, dodgecoin, *coin)
  • How to make Crypto better usable and understandable?
  • How can we protect each other (on- and offline)?
  • What services are we using, and how to make them better?
  • Who has to be protected from whom?
  • Plausible deniability
  • Deep packet inspection (DPI)
  • Tor and other routes in the internet
  • Websecurity and protection
  • Physical security
  • Security of infrastructure
  • States spying and monitoring us
  • Blackboxes (and opening them)
  • Data security and shelter of data...
  • Cryptoteaching, how?
  • Cryptoparty, quo vadis?
  • CA cert and self-signed-certs, why does no one use it in India?
  • Internet of things - and do we really wanna have the whole house connected?
  • let us know your thoughts!

About hillhacks:

hillhacks is a two week long event in Dharamsala, India with
participants from all around India, Tibet and all around the world. It's
organized by CCC and freaklabs as well as participants from MIT Media
Lab, Tibetan Children's Village, Dharamsala International Film Festival,
Ghoomakad hackerspace, Null open security group and many more.

Our goal is to create an annual event providing a space and place for
temporary hackerspaces with workshops and talks focusing on three main
topics: technology and art, technology and ethics, and network security.
All three topics are very relevant to the location and will be occurring
within the stunning backdrop of the lower Himalayas.



Organizer of http://hillhacks.in/ and http://events.ccc.de/congress/

(Co-)founder of some Hackerspaces, e.g. http://muc.ccc.de/ and http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Infinity

Been with http://cis-india.org in Bangalore, now mainly living in Dharamshala, Berlin, Munich and Hamburg


Starts at Saturday August 16 2014, 12:30 PM. The sessions runs for about 1 hour.