In this talk, we will look into Exploitation of Windows Kernel Mode vulnerabilities like Integer Overflow, Type Confusion and Null Pointer Deference.

We will understand the concept of Integer Overflow and what is Type Confusion. We will look into how these vulnerabilities look like in code and we will also look into how these vulnerabilities can be mitigated easily.

We will see the demo of the exploits for respected vulnerabilities too.


Ashfaq Ansari

Ashfaq Ansari is the founder of HackSys Team code named "Panthera". He is a Security Researcher with experience in various aspects of Information Security. He has authored "HackSys Extreme Vulnerable Driver" and "Shellcode of Death". He has also written and published various whitepapers on low level software exploitation. His core interest lies in "Low Level Exploitation", "Reverse Engineering", "Program Analysis" and "Hybrid Fuzzing". He is a fanboy of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. He is the chapter lead for null (Pune).


Starts at Saturday August 08 2015, 10:10 AM. The sessions runs for about 1 hour.