In this talk, you can get an overview of why attack (Si|Emulation) is important as a red teamer and blue teamer. Attackers have immersed in using a unique way of executing payloads which are customized for evading detections.
The key takeaway from this talk will be to understand the approach on how can we can conduct an attack (Si|Emulation).


Chirag Savla

Chirag Savla is a Cyber Security professional with 9+ years of experience. His areas of interest include penetration testing, red teaming, azure and active directory security, and post-exploitation research. He prefers to create open-source tools and explore new attack methodologies in his leisure. He has worked extensively on Azure, Active Directory attacks, defense, and bypassing detection mechanisms. He is an author of multiple Open Source tools such as Process Injection, Callidus, etc. He has presented at multiple conferences and local meetups and has trained people in international conferences like Blackhat, BSides Milano, Wild West Hackin’ Fest.
He blogs at https://3xpl01tc0d3r.blogspot.com
Twitter: @chiragsavla94
Github: https://github.com/3xpl01tc0d3r


Starts at Saturday October 12 2019, 12:30 PM. The sessions runs for about 1 hour.