Data exfiltration is the unauthorized copying, transfer or retrieval of data from a computer or server. Data exfiltration is a malicious activity performed through various different techniques, typically by cybercriminals over the Internet or other network.
We will discuss how to do data exfiltration and how to prevent.


Gagan Jattana

I am OSCE and OSCP certified and professionally a penetration tester working for various National and International government, semi-government, oil and gas, financial institute etc. industries.
I am performing day to day following activities:-
1) Red Teaming.
2) Scada/ICS/OT Penetration Testing.
3) Network BlackBox Penetration Testing
4) Web application Penetration Testing.
5) Mobile Application Penetration Testing.


Starts at Wednesday August 28 2019, 08:00 PM. The sessions runs for 30 minutes.