The Session is focused to give the attendees a basic understanding of how the Active Directory Works and What are the insights of Active Directory. In the Session we will also encounter phases where we will see the configuration made by the Administrator from the perspective of Penetration Tester. After Seeing the Insights of Active Directory we will be Setting Up the Lab for Further Pentesting in the Active Directory Environment. The AD Environment will be made in order to mimic the Enterprise level Environment so that we can get a Realistic View of the whole Scenario. After the Completion of Setting up the Lab we will get our hands a bit dirty by Scanning and Enumerating the Active Directory environment that we have created. In this Session we will also discuss some Tools, Tactics, and Procedures (TTPs) to stimulate an attack on our Active Directory Environment.

System Requirement for the Hands-On Experience:
● VMware Workstation/ Player or Oracle Virtual Box
● Minimum of 8 GB RAM
● Good Internet Connection


Yash Bharadwaj

I am a Computer Science student looking for an opportunity in an Information Security organization to give the very best of my abilities and to hone my skills in a hard and challenging environment. I am deeply interested in researching various Tactics, Techniques and Procedure used in Red Teaming.

I have exposure of the following in infosec industry: -

1) Certified Ethical Hacker v9 (CEH)
2) Cisco CCNA Cyber-Ops
3) Training from Offensive Security
4) ElearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester [Ongoing]
5) Penetration Testing Extreme (ECPTX) by ElearnSecurity [Ongoing]
6) Training of RHCSA and RHCE


Starts at Sunday July 21 2019, 12:30 PM. The sessions runs for about 2 hours.