Only multi-factor authentication can help individuals/organizations from password attacks. All the OTP generation apps and servers are using HMAC algorithm for TOTP s. The only disadvantage of standalone application(Mobile App) is that we cannot recover OTPs if we lose our mobile. The solution for this problem is to generate the OTPs in the cloud so that our OTPs can be accessible even if we lose our mobile. The aim of this talk is to make individuals create their own cloud based TOTP app using python. Code is open sourced and hosted publicly in Github.



Information Security Specialist having 2+ years of experience in Securing organizations. From startups to MNC I have work experience in all scales of Infrastructure. Ad hoc programmer and problem solver worked with major programming languages like python,c#.
My strength is understanding the exact problem and I feel if we understand the problem the solution is a single line. I call myself as a problem solver and fast learner.
Also found some vulnerabilities in Indian Government web applications and informed them.


Starts at Saturday June 22 2019, 01:10 PM. The sessions runs for 30 minutes.