In the technology-powered era, we can not deny the fact of every increasing cyber attack. One of the main reasons is the lack of focus and awareness towards security. While Bug Bounty Programs has become one of the common ways for big companies to invite security researcher around the globe and help to find security loopholes, there is something more in Bug Bounty Programs, something more than Bounty which we as a security researcher or bug bounty hunter overlook. Bug Bounty can help bring a "Left shift" security change in companies. This is not just a technical shift but also a cultural and mentality shift. How through Bug Bounty I was able to bring a “Left Shift Security” change in India E-market? is the essence for the talk. What is that "broader picture" behind the Bug Bounties which has to be looked upon and why it is important is the target to achieve by this talk.


Avinash Jain

I am a cybersecurity researcher and an ethical hacker working as a full time security engineer in an Indian E-commerce company, Grofers. I'm also a part time bug bounty hunter - acknowledged by various MNCs like Google, Yahoo, NASA, LinkedIn, Indian Railways and some top companies of India more than 100+. I am also an active blogger on Medium where I write about interesting vulnerabilities that I find on my bug bounty journeys. Various articles and interviews have been published in various security magazines, newspapers and newsletters like Economic Times, HuffingtonPost, Hakin9, Hackerone etc. I am also a cybersecurity speaker, invited by various e-commerce companies and security conferences. Recently I was over some news media for my hack in NASA and Indian Railways IRCTC.

Building DevSecOps, Managing application security, performing penetration testing, hardening network and infrastructure, and automating security tasks and fan of Ansible and Vault , are some of the things I take care of on a daily basis


Starts at Saturday March 30 2019, 11:25 AM. The sessions runs for about 1 hour.