Shamir secret sharing scheme

This presentation explains how the Shamir secret sharing scheme works.

Basic idea

This scheme allows uses to break a secret into multiple pieces and enforce a minumum number of secrets out of all to be presented in order to construct the original secret reliably.


High school math and some going along with intuition.
This will explain a new concept called Lagrange basis polynomial, All intuition will be given from scratch so no pre-reading required for this.


You can find the same information presented in a little more detail at:
Drunk president and the Nuclear launch — Shamir Secret Sharing — I
Drunk president and the nuclear launch — Lagrange Decomposition of a function — II
Drunk president and the nuclear launch — Shamir and the duel guy, Galois — III

This talk will only present the content of first 2 articles in the interest of time.


Prateek Kumar Nischal


Starts at Saturday January 19 2019, 11:15 AM. The sessions runs for about 1 hour.