I think most you hearing the term "containers". In this workshop we will see what, why, where and how to use containers.

We will be using Docker to teach this. Docker is a tool specially crafted for both developers and administrators. It helps everyone to get productive as soon as possible, by fitting into everyone’s primary tool set.

Containers are so powerful that we can up and running the infrastructure in matter of seconds. We will start with discussing basics to running multiple applications and service in containers using utilities like docker, docker-compose etc.

This entire workshop content can be applied in everyday life including office work, personal projects, many more. We will also look at various use cases to automate the work flows like system administration, developers automation, security tools automation etc.

• Basics of Linux commands usage

Hardware and Software Requirements:
• Laptop with administrative privileges
• Virtual Box 5.x. Please install this and come before the session. VMWare folks will be on their own.
• At least 4GB RAM and 15 GB disk space for VM and data
• Internet connection (If you wanted to everything hands-on)


Madhu Akula

Never Ending Learner!


Starts at Saturday June 03 2017, 09:30 AM. The sessions runs for about 9 hours.