A common question in the mind of every individual is the "stage fear of presentation" in a public forum such as Null meet.

I'd be addressing this question in my talk titled " Why should I speak in Null Meet? " It would address common queries which many people have ( esp. Introverts) but don't ask readily in fear of rejection / ridiculed upon by peers etc.

I'd be drawing examples based on my experience how and why I started presenting in Null Meets. I was too in similar situation few years back when I first started out in the industry:)

This talk focuses on the practical side of the benefits of public speaking in esp. in Infosec domain. The points that would be in focus will be as follows:

Why should I involve myself in Public speaking ?
Isn't passive listening and working individually good enough?
How can I start ? From where I can begin?
Addressing the hidden fears
Answering your mental blocks
How does it help in my career?
How does it help me?




Starts at Saturday May 13 2017, 10:25 AM. The sessions runs for about 1 hour.