Defense in depth is the coordinated use of multiple security countermeasures to protect the integrity of the
information assets in an enterprise. The strategy is based on the military principle that it is more difficult for an
enemy to defeat a complex and multi-layered defense system than to penetrate a single barrier.
Defense in depth minimizes the probability that the efforts of malicious hackers will succeed. A well-designed
strategy of this kind can also help system administrators and security personnel identify people who attempt to
compromise a computer, server, proprietary network or ISP (Internet service provider). If a hacker gains access to a
system, defense in depth minimizes the adverse impact and gives administrators and engineers time to deploy new
or updated countermeasures to prevent recurrence.

Firewall protection + IDS + Security Best Practices hardening Routers & Switches

Collection of available security features

Switch security

  1. MAC Flooding Attack :
    Understanding attack
    Mitigation (Port security feature)
    Configuring & verifying port security

  2. Strom Control
    Understanding feature
    Mitigation of STP & DDos
    Configuring & verifying Strom Control

  3. Private VLAN
    Concept of Private vlans
    Configuration and verification

    Understanding DHCP
    DORA process
    MITM Man in the middle attack


  1. IP spoofing Understand the attack Mitigation IP sourceguard feature configuration & verification.


Mohnish Singh

I am a cyber-security professional having 9 years of experience. I have assisted in the creation of cyber security strategies, documentation, and conducting training for various global Enterprises.
Have been assigned critical roles in teams that conduct cybersecurity assessment, deploy and maintain security products, monitor enterprise infrastructure for threats, plan secure infrastructure architectures.

Experience with multiple Security controls SIEM, SOAR, Cyber threat intelligence, etc.

I am driven by Innovation and love investigating cyber incidents


Starts at Saturday February 11 2017, 10:20 AM. The sessions runs for about 1 hour.