IoT Workshop

Introduction to IoT.
How can we experiment/RnD IoT?
Applications(IoT) & it's usage in our day to day life.
IoT Protocol Stack/Communication Layer.
Functional Architecture.
Available Frameworks/Platforms.
Common Protocols use in IoT devices.
Common Processor architecture in IoT system.
Common Buses.
Common Communication lines/modes between IoT devices.
Common Directly Addresssable Memory.
Common Bootloaders use in IoT devices.
Common Operating Systems in IoT devices.
Common Storage in IoT devices.
Common Filesystems in IoT devices.
Common libraries and Development Environments.
IoT Prototyping Boards -
1) Arduino -
About Arduino.
It's basics.
Development Environment.
Arduino Programming.
2) Raspberry Pi -
It's basics.
Development Environment.
Raspberry Pi Programming.

BONUS: Live Projects
1-2 Projects using Arduino.
1-2 Projects using Raspberry Pi.

About Project -
In Live Projects, instead of making small standalone projects we will build a full fledged project which will comprise of communication between cloud+mobile-app+Hardware Device (Raspberry/Arduino).


Nitesh Malviya


Starts at Saturday December 17 2016, 01:00 PM. The sessions runs for about 3 hours.