Agenda in Detail :
1. Understanding Physical, Virtual Memory concept
2. Understanding Process Memory Map.
3. Multi-process Programming
4. Multi-thread Programming
5. Inter-process Communication Mechanisms
6. Signal Handling
7. Socket Programming
8. Basic gdb & Core Dump Analysis
9. Creating & applying patches to software

Start time 10 am and will continue till 4 pm. This is full day session.

Pre-requisite :
1. Familiarity with basic C programming
2. Familiarity with Linux OS

Requirement :
1. Attendees need to bring a Laptop with Linux installed directly or by using VmWare or Virtual Box
2. Any linux Distribution with following tools/utilities installed
a. gcc, ltrace, strace, xz-utils, tofrodos, patch


Ganesh Naik


Starts at Saturday October 22 2016, 11:00 AM. The sessions runs for about 2 hours.